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Liberty Sculpture Park has been an outstanding tribute to the victims of Chinese human rights atrocities. Through art, the Park has kept the spirit alive of those who sacrificed their lives for freedom in China and has been an invaluable mechanism for spreading truth to the world about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). We hereby condemn the actions of the Chinese Communist Party against private property on the Park on June 23, 2021 and we urge the U.S. Government to prioritize cracking down on Chinese spy networks designed to suppress free speech and intimidate political dissidents right here in our very backyard.

The vast majority of those on American soil are somewhat familiar with the human rights atrocities that have plagued the People’s Republic of China ever since Mao Zedong took over in 1949. At the very least, today’s Americans have a vague notion that China is certainly not a beacon of human rights and democracy and continues to be a force we should be wary of. However, most Americans know that in 1989, something very atrocious happened to the students who were protesting in Tiananmen Square for change, democracy, and freedom for their fellow countrymen. Today’s Americans have heard and most likely have seen gruesome and bloody footage of that dreadful day and of what is universally considered one of the worst attacks on democracy and freedom of speech in our modern history. Up until June 3rd of that year, many in China were actually hopeful that some miraculous change would take place in their government to give their people a more free and just society. After all, during the weeks before, there was a freedom and energy in the air unlike anything those Chinese citizens had ever experienced before. Tragically, June 4th viciously crushed that dream and thrust it into the abyss of hopelessness and acquiescence. For many Chinese citizens, there was China before June 4, 1989, and there is now the China after June 4th or, as many Chinese refer to it, “liu si” or 6-4. It is a China that has entered into the following social contract with its citizens: Be ambitious and reap the full benefits of a capitalistic society, but do not dare to oppose the One Party Rule of the Communist Party!

Remembering history is paramount if we want to continue progressing as a civilized society. We celebrate the great accomplishments of the human race, and objectively examine atrocities and blemishes in our history in order to learn lessons from them and ensure that those mistakes do not repeat themselves. For example, even though Germany has long since accepted responsibility for the genocide of the Holocaust, we continue to learn about those events to understand what can go wrong when a desperate society allows itself to be brainwashed by ruthless dictators who are adept at exploiting the insecurities and qualms of its citizens in order to gradually and surreptitiously advance a destructive agenda.

However, the importance of remembering Chinese human rights atrocities in modern history cannot be understated. This is because today’s China couldn’t be more different from Post-Nazi Germany. While today’s Germany is contrite and willingly accountable for the nightmarish events of the holocaust, present day China engages in a campaign of information suppression and censorship which is unmatched in today’s world. Needless to say, Chinese students do not learn about these events in classrooms and the Party is absolutely and positively unapologetic about the dark events in its past. Unfortunately, this systematic campaign of suppression has been successful and even in 2021 it is still not uncommon for adult Chinese citizens to find out about the events in Tiananmen Square for the first time!

With a country unapologetic and even proud of its human rights abuses being the second largest economy in the world, it is paramount that we remember the abuses perpetrated by the CCP to remind us that we need to tread cautiously and not sell our souls to Chinese money by looking the other way when it comes to their human rights record.

This is what makes Chen Weiming’s Liberty Sculpture Park such an important relic in remembering the abuses committed by the CCP against its citizens. Mr. Chen is a world renowned artist and through incredible persistence was able to acquire land in the desert area of Yermo, California and turned it into a museum of sorts to honor the victims of the CCP’s atrocities and abuses against its people. From Highway 15, those driving by can see the park with the large numbers “64” sitting in the middle of the showcase, reminding us of the events of June 4th. Chen’s initiatives to cement these historical events through art have been masterful endeavors of storytelling. For example, he constructed the infamous scene of the “tankman” confronting the tanks on Chang’An avenue in Beijing follow the massacre of the students in Tiananmen. There we can see an artistic reenactment of military tanks approaching a statute of the “tankman” who has groceries in both hands and who is getting ready to confront those powerful forces of death and destruction. Even though the mysterious tankman was never to be seen or heard from again, Chen’s sculptures immortalize him and pay tribute to that mysterious citizen who inspired generations after him to rise up against the scourge of autocracy and tyranny through the footage of his brave confrontation and deplorable kidnapping.

No one alive on this planet will remember 2020 as being a normal and uneventful year. The events of that year changed the world and probably how we will interact and do business as a society for years to come.  This all happened because of a virus that undeniably came from Wuhan, China which ravaged the worlds’ populations and killed millions in a very short span. This triggered animus towards Chinese and Asians worldwide, but dissidents like Chen reminded the world that this was not a virus that came from the Chinese people, but rather from the guise and cunningness of the CCP. There are differing theories as to the culpability of the CCP in disseminating this agent of death, but it is abundantly clear that at the very least, the CCP knew about the virus, its deadliness and highly contagious nature and yet allowed hundreds of thousands of its citizens to fly to destinations around the world and in the process, disseminate a virus that would cripple the world economy and allow the CCP to buy power at a premium. To ensure the information would stay buried as long as possible and to ensure the virus could wreak havoc on the world, China systematically suppressed information and punished whistleblowers like the late Dr. Wenliang Li, who subsequently lost his own life to the deadly virus he was trying to alert the world about. China bears significant responsibility for the ravages of COVID 19 and the world cannot conveniently forget this in order to enjoy business and trade opportunities with the Middle Kingdom.

Weiming Chen again was inspired to tell the world a story and this time it would be the story of the Chinese Communist Party’s systematic and knowingly culpable efforts to use COVID 19 as a weapon against the world and to remind the world who is to blame for the global meltdown of 2020. His artistic inspirations led him to design and build an enormous statute of the head of China’s President Jinping Xi, with one side of the head containing his actual face while the other side was a skeleton, showing the evil side of this ruthless leader who was fully in command and control during the events in question. Protruding from the head of Xi are tentacles resembling a Coronavirus cell to show unequivocally that this virus and its aftermath came from Xi and his government. Chen labeled his work the “CCP Virus” and unveiled it a few weeks ago in Liberty Sculpture in front of hundreds of supporters. It was well received by the dissident community in America and served as a great visual reminder of the CCP’s liability for the pandemic and its tragedies, taking the focus from Asians around the planet to the treacherous government truly responsible for its dissemination.

Then the CCP reared its ugly head and showed the world once again how cowardly they truly are!

The CCP is known to cowardly use brutal tactics of intimidation, censorship, suppression, oppression, and torture to crush any form of dissent against its power grip. It is cowardly because behind this viciousness and brutality is a deplorable and almost laughable layer of cowardice because they are deathly afraid of losing power and falling prey to the forces of truth and freedom. These cowardly acts are not only perpetrated in China, but also against the Chinese diaspora around the world in the hopes of crushing dissent.

Unfortunately, we witnessed this cowardly brutality on July 23rd of this year when CCP agents broke into Liberty Sculpture Park in the early hours of the morning and with all the cowardice they could muster, committed felony arson by setting the CCP Virus Sculpture on fire!

Although the perpetrators have not been apprehended, we do as law enforcement does when investigating a case and determine a very important factor that can usually lead to the perpetrator: Motive. No one else in the town of Yermo has the motive to burn down a symbolic statute in a park that has brought them business and which has put them on the map. This is clearly an act of intimidation by the CCP hoping to silence dissent and rid the world of a work of art which emphatically showed the whole world who is clearly responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic.

These CCP agents think that they can intimidate dissidents and suppress free speech in the United States. They are dead wrong! We are delighted to see just how much the works of art in the Liberty Sculpture Park have vexed those in the Chinese Government and we will rebuild better and stronger than ever before to continue spreading the truth and to be a necessary nuisance to the CCP.

We denounce these cowardly acts of the Chinese Communist Party through its elaborate network of spies and agents who act at the behest of Party leaders linked to Chinese consulates in the United States. The indignation of having this great work of art destroyed will now serve as an unquenchable fuel to not only optimize Liberty Sculpture Park and the power of its message, but also will further propel us in the fight which will not end until the Chinese Communist Party is defeated and the Chinese people have freedom and democracy for the first time in their lives.  We ask ourselves, if the United States cannot protect our freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of artistic creation, then what country on this planet will be able to offer these protections?


Contact for English inquiries:

Felipe Alexandre, Esq (艾飛力)

(617) 875-2660


Fengsuo Zhou (周鋒鎖)

(510) 371-2098


Contact for Chinese inquiries (中文联系):

Weiming Chen (陳維明 )

(702) 750-6066


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